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Who we are and what we can do for you

You can select from our wide range of marketing, PR and representation services.

Effective representation is vital to every international destination, hotel or resort. Competition for the custom of the high-spending business and leisure traveller is now so fierce that many international organisations have established their own marketing and information offices in key locations around the world.

Financing and staffing an overseas office can be a costly and complex business difficult to justify in today's cost conscious environment. Understanding cultural differences and local business etiquette is also a serious consideration when establishing an overseas presence. At FIVE STAR MARKETING we have an in-depth knowledge of German-speaking Europe to assist establishments and organizations keen to promote to these markets.

Being connected to a Tour Operating Company we have a special insight into the industry, which enables us to act faster and more focused on the subjects we are dealing with.

By blending the latest marketing techniques with proactive and expert field sales activities we are able to service a wide spectrum of travel industry establishments, from small boutique hotels to major destinations and attractions. A description of our marketing, representation, information and public relation services is included on the following pages. Prospective clients can 'cherry pick' from our range of marketing, representation, information and public relations services contained on the following pages, in order to tailor a package of services that best suit their requirements.