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Liason with tour operators / wholesalers

Regular contact with mainstream and special interest operators to influence them to feature clients in their tour programmes or to extend the level of coverage. We routinely provide clients with a comprehensive analysis of content and extent of tour operators' programmes featuring their products. The generation and distribution of contracts are a further service offered.

Marketing intelligence and reports

A report schedule - covering marketing activities, results achieved and future plans - is part of most contracts. Clients are also updated regularly on trends and developments in the local markets. Basic marketing intelligence is automatically included in our regular activity report, as is recommendations for further marketing activities.

Distribution of sales literature

Selective and systematic distribution of a client's promotional material (brochures, posters, videos, CDs, sales manuals) is an important and essential service. Care is taken to avoid indiscriminate distribution, which can be both costly and wasteful.

Conferences and group traffic

Creative marketing aimed at developing business meetings, conferences, conventions, ad hoc group movements and other types of bulk travel.

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